Digital land in real world!

The new technical revolution is already on the threshold! The world around is changing at an astonishing speed. We are just used to smartphones, and they are already in a hurry to really tremendous devices. Developers from Google, Apple and Microsoft are working on autonomous AR-headsets that project 3D images directly onto the retina of the eye. Ilon Mask creates a neural interface so that we can communicate literally with the power of thought! The largest IT companies - Microsoft, Google, Intel, Magic Leap - are currently engaged in creating original models of augmented reality glasses. Very soon they will become the most everyday gadget. And at this crucial moment, humanity needs a universal environment that will unite the real and virtual worlds into a single information space. And we are creating such an environment right now! Arcona is a global ecosystem of augmented reality where developers, 3D artists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can communicate and collaborate to create interactive projects around the world. Arcona is primarily designed for remote positioning and management of 3D content. Its main goal is to create an AR layer, called Digital Land, all over the world that will support a huge number of new diverse AR applications in games, education and tourism. Our project will make AR technology more cost-effective, truly popular and affordable for everyone.

Our benefits

Mix of breakthrough technologies

The platform is built on the crossroads of advanced technologies. It combines the functionality of a distributed geographic information system (GIS), computer vision technology, 3D modeling and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, Arcona is the first global AR ecosystem built on blockchain technology that can unite a large number of people from all over the world and allow them to create tons of incredible content. Transparent blockchain technology and smart contracts also guarantee the rights of Digital Land owners, provide copyright protection for developers and artists and will make all transactions in the system more reliable and transparent. The internal currency of the ecosystem is the Arona token.

5 years in the AR industry

The Arcona platform is a project of the Piligrim XXI team. The company was one of the first to enter the international tourism market with innovative AR projects. We created a network of historical AR parks in 6 countries of Europe and developed unique algorithms for remote positioning and interactive content management.

Technology, available to everyone

Our platform offers extremely simple and convenient tools for creating AR projects that will allow almost anyone to implement their ideas without special knowledge or programming skills. Remote positioning eliminates all the restrictions that today hamper the entire industry. This should attract more enthusiasts to the industry and help create a huge number of diverse AR projects in different parts of the world.

On the edge of a growing market

According to forecasts of leading analysts, the market of augmented and virtual reality is waiting for a rapid rise. Global costs in this industry will double every year until 2021 (IDC). So, last year their volume amounted to approximately $ 14 billion. This year this number will approach $ 27 billion. Last year, according to IDC, around 8.4 million sets of virtual and augmented reality were sold around the world, in the current year shipments were made 12.4 million units. Today, this industry is experiencing a real investment boom, only in 2017 AR / VR companies attracted more than $ 3 billion.

A new digital asset for real business

You can buy, sell, rent or donate Digital Land, you can develop new business projects on it or incarnate your own creative ideas. So you could use it as if it was a real land, with the only difference - it would be located in the global layer of augmented reality.

We are looking to the future

At the moment

Participants of the Arcona Ecosystem already possess more than 6000 digital land plots! In 2019, first projectsr exciting AR projects will come to life in these territories, bringing joy to the viewers and benefit to their creators. We have released our very own computer vision library - ArconaCore. Experiments with the most advanced achievements in applied mathematics, SLAM systems and artificial neural networks allowed us to create algorithms that ideally match the requirements of our platform for remote positioning of AR objects. In terms of accuracy and speed, they have surpassed top analogues, such as OpenCV and PCloud, in many ways. ArconaCore allows us to digitize the surface of the Earth automatically, so that you can easily place your 3D content anywhere in the world. Our GIS team has created a unique map of Arcona’s Digital Lands. Each plot for sale is tied to its geographic coordinates and takes into account the uniqueness of the real landscape. It means that the digitized territories of Arcona are located only in those places that are convenient for locating AR projects. These are open squares and streets with good visibility and high foot traffic. Right now, our specialists are working on the Digital Land cost estimation algorithms. Using the principles of geoinformatics and geomarketing, they were able to determine and rank a number of parameters that affect the cost of the land plot such as: proximity to city landmarks, the number of pedestrians, living standards of the population, urban density of the city, etc. This algorithm will help the Digital Land owners to set the proper value on their plots for resale. Last fall, Arcona Marketplace - the main marketplace for Digital Lands - was launched. In just four months, thousands of plots worth a total of about 400 thousand tokens were sold. Already, almost a thousand participants have become Arcona landowners. According to the activity of bidding, the token of the Digital Land ARDL is commonly seen in the top five among the non-fungible tokens (NFT) on Etherscan. In the coming months, the user functionality of Arcona Marketplace will be significantly expanded. There will be the opportunity to trade various digital assets among users - land, content, ARCONA tokens. Already, we are developing optimal schemes for alternative fiat calculations between ecosystem participants and viewers of AR projects. In addition, there will be options to sell Arcona’s digital assets on external sites. Soon, we will present the most exciting development of the year - AR Viewer. All main algorithms have already been successfully ported and are undergoing final testing. The user application includes maximum positioning accuracy and high quality content display. However, due to the utilization of original algorithms, our engineers note a high level of resource consumption of the app. Over the next month, they will be working on increasing app efficiency. The first version of AR Viewer will be released for iOS devices with a basic set of content, which you can immediately place on your land plots. After open beta testing, an application for Android will be developed, and then we will work on adapting the software to various augmented reality headsets.

By the end of 2019

We plan to present a fully functional platform. The digital land layer with a total area of 1500 km² will cover the most attractive areas of the 10 worlds megacities.


The global network of the Arcona ecosystem will be spread over an area of up to 40,000 km² worldwide.

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